Conlin Durbin

Senior Frontend Engineer at Whatnot. Typescripter. TTRPG-er.

Howdy, I'm Conlin. I live in Indianapolis and I love to travel. I currently work on App Platform at Whatnot, building performant, accessible frontends and establishing architectural principals for the web platform.

I've built frontends for companies like HackerRank, Payscale, and Lessonly. I've also worked for wonderful startups like Agora and Mimir.

I love the weird web, I collect physical media formats, I play lots of tabletop roleplaying games, and I love to cook, especially Korean food.

A picture of me


  • dmpad — A note taking application for dungeon masters.
  • HasBeenWizards — Side project, creating tabletop roleplaying games
  • cantrip.nvim — Neovim + dark magic

Work History

  • Whatnot — Senior Frontend Engineer
  • Payscale — Tech Lead Manager
  • Agora — Senior Software Engineer
  • HackerRank — Senior Software Engineer
  • Lessonly — Software Engineer
  • Mimir — Founding Engineer