Conlin Durbin

Staff Frontend Engineer. Typescripter. TTRPG-er.

Howdy, I'm Conlin. I live in Indianapolis and I love to travel. I've built frontends for companies like HackerRank, Payscale, and Lessonly. I've also worked for wonderful startups like Agora and Mimir.

I love the weird web, I collect physical media formats, I play lots of tabletop roleplaying games, and I love to cook, especially Korean food.

A picture of me


  • dmpad — A note taking application for dungeon masters.
  • HasBeenWizards — Side project, creating tabletop roleplaying games

Work History

  • Whatnot — Senior Frontend Engineer
  • Payscale — Tech Lead Manager
  • Agora — Senior Software Engineer
  • HackerRank — Senior Software Engineer
  • Lessonly — Software Engineer
  • Mimir — Founding Engineer